Election Tech Forum Project – Technology for Efficient and Effective Elections (T3E)

Beginning Date Ending Date
July 2020 June 2021


Election Tech Forum Project – Technology for Efficient and Effective Elections (T3E) is 12-month project funded by National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The project aims to optimize the efficiency of election management system and enhance its transparency, which will ultimately lead to an increased public trust in electoral outcomes. Increased public trust and confidence over electoral outcomes will contribute towards consolidation of democracy in Pakistan.

This objective will be achieved through complementary activities, which include technology audits of the entire electoral process, acts, laws and policies to map the areas where technology can be introduced, and strategic, evidence-based advocacy for adoption of proposed recommendations.

The T3E project also focuses on promoting informed discussion on the use of technology to enhance transparency and public trust in electoral processes. It aims to initiate an objective and informed discourse on the advantages and disadvantages of various election technologies in light with Pakistan’s political, social and electoral context. In line with the recent Elections Act, 2017, the ECP may take appropriate measures and pilot-test election technologies.  In the longer term, the project will support progress towards building public trust in the electoral system and strengthen democracy.

This project will leverage TDEA’s extensive and long-term work regarding election observation, advocacy, and electoral reforms. Employing a systematic and robust approach, the T3E project will have a demonstrable impact on the electoral system in Pakistan.