Parliament Watch and Reforms Project

Parliament Watch and Reforms Project (PWRP) has been designed to observe the proceedings of the Senate and the National Assembly and 13 selected Standing Committees using robust methodology and specially-designed checklists based on the Rules of Business.

Under this project, which is funded by the European Commission, TDEA-FAFEN  has hired the services of unbiased and neutral professionals who observe the interventions of the parliamentarians on the floor of the house and report back to TDEA secretariat. As soon as the filled-in checklist is received by the secretariat, report writers prepare daily factsheets to be disseminated among relevant stakeholders and upload it on FAFEN’s website ( and  TDEA-FAFEN’s parliamentary information portal ( Later, report writers draft news for FAFEN’s newspaper, Parliament Files (

TDEA-FAFEN’s parliamentary information portal (, therefore, is a one-stop window for all parliamentary interventions carried out on the floors of all six legislatures i.e. Senate, National Assembly, Punjab Assembly, Sindh Assembly, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly and Balochistan Assembly. The objective behind developing such a portal is to bridge the gap between citizens and the elected representatives.

TDEA-FAFEN, on its own initiative and with the help of its partner organizations, is also observing the proceedings of all provincial assemblies and disseminating daily factsheets to relevant stakeholders. Its data analysts skim through the parliamentary data sent by their impartial observers and after verification, place it on the portal for the use of any interested individual. It can be said that TDEA-FAFEN has all the data of National Assembly since 2008 and Senate and provincial assemblies since 2011.

Based on parliamentary information, contains stories that are based on the information debated on the floor of the house, be it legislation, points of order, calling attention notices, resolutions etc. Besides, TDEA-FAFEN releases session reports, quarterly and annual reports, thematic reports, and selected standing committees’ reports.

TDEA-FAFEN is also releasing its monthly Urdu magazine “Aiwan-e-Aam” which provide parliamentary details in the national language. Besides, it carries the profile of a Member Parliament, detailing his interventions on the floor of the house.