Women’s Action for Better Workplaces

Beginning Date   Ending Date
December 1, 2016 November 31, 2018


Women’s Action for Better Workplaces (WAction)” is aiming to enhance capacities of women workers and their organisations to negotiate and advocate with employers, policy-makers and legislators for improved working conditions for women. Five cross sectoral alliances have been established in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and Islamabad to take up issues with concerned authorities.

Various labour standards demand that special consideration is awarded to women to cater to their specific needs at work places. Under Waction, TDEA is doing a thorough analysis of labour laws with gender lens and on the basis of this analysis legislative changes will be recommended. A comprehensive advocacy campaign will enable to not only project the proposed amendments in the law but also highlight the issues of women face at their workplaces.