Voice and Accountability

TDEA-FAFEN implemented an Ilm Ideas project ‘Education for All-Making it Possible’ across four provinces, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) and Gilgit Baltistan, where different civil society organizations presented their education projects working on voice and accountability. The project aims to improve governance in education sector by developing media and advocacy campaign. The campaign will help to develop content, highlighting the successful voice and accountability interventions of education sector. High on positivism, high on visibility and high on impact, the campaign will build pressure on federal and provincial governments for improving education sector governance.

For the selection of interventions, showcasing events were conducted at 18 locations across Pakistan attended by 201 civil society organizations. The purpose was to identify the best education models being implemented across Pakistan. The 11 education interventions were selected based on voice and accountability criteria. The projects were verified and validated. For this, validation and stakeholders analysis was conducted which included, entrance meetings with organizational heads and staff, focus group discussions, key informant interviews and community interviews with the direct and indirect beneficiaries and stakeholders. The validation was conducted to assess the sustainability and replicability of the projects to be taken to the next level of evaluation for consultative workshops and conventions. The success stories highlighted during the validation process will be presented through the radio campaign.

During the first stage of the campaign, TDEA-FAFEN brought together civil society organizations who shared their successful interventions and models were identified for replication. In the second stage, TDEA-FAFEN will bring together education experts, interested legislators, relevant government officials and major education advocacy actors to workshops in federal and provincial capitals to finalize the solutions for further advocacy. In the third and fourth stage, TDEA-FAFEN will engage with public to raise awareness about key education sector issues and promote successful models for reforms. This will involve public messages on print, electronic, social media, nationwide public seminars and youth events.

The primary objective of Education for All-Making it Possible Campaign is to support and facilitate the advocacy of citizens’ demands for improved education sector governance and translating these demands into political will expressed through the government’s fiscal and non-fiscal measures.