Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA) has a dynamic and vibrant team. Everyone in the team has a different role, but every role comes together towards a single goal of promoting democracy in Pakistan. The team has excellent skills in governance monitoring, election observation, oversight and reforms, reporting of political and electoral violence during elections etc. TDEA’s team embraces different ideas and opinions by its diverse members and care for each other’s feelings and point of view before saying or doing anything to make sure everyone feels respected. Being respectful is the first step to a successful team. Moreover, the team at TDEA is strongly committed to their work and shares brave ideas in order to make things work in an efficient manner.  Here, the team leaders believe in delegating tasks to team members which allow them to focus on improving workplace functions and productions.

The team leaders help team members to understand their goals. They also help organize an action plan to ensure team members meet their goals and objectives more efficiently. At TDEA the negotiation skills are widely utilized to achieve results and reach an understanding in the event of a workplace conflict. Team leaders who negotiate effectively streamline the decision-making process, as well as solve problems for the best interest of everyone involved.

TDEA team is a home of confident leaders who are confident in their own and team members’ abilities of making things happen.  A confident leader is secure in the decisions he makes that affect his team and also reassures team members of his authority within the organization. TDEA team possesses exceptional organizational skills which help team leaders’ plan objectives and strategies for allowing team members to perform optimally. Organized team leaders put systems in place that maintain order and guide team members toward meeting company goals and objectives.