Parliamentary Oversight, Research and Reforms

Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) started observation of the National Assembly (Lower House of Parliament) in 2008 by using robust methodology. Later, it expanded its scope in 2011 and began observation of the proceedings of the Senate (Upper House), some selected Standing Committees and all four provincial assemblies.

Its impartial observers provide unbiased oversight of the parliamentary interventions which are shared with the relevant stakeholders in the form of analytical reports, daily factsheets, press releases and recommendations to improve parliamentary processes.

FAFEN has a huge reservoir of parliamentary data, which is available on its parliamentary portal “”. The website has the data of parliamentary interventions being done on the floor of the House. The main purpose of developing parliamentary website is to bridge the gap between the citizens and their elected representatives. It is a one-step solution, covering all facets of parliamentary information. Whether one wants to know about the ongoing session of ones provincial assembly or to find out the role of a senator in any particular legislation, it’s just a click away.

The main objective of the Parliamentary oversight, research and reforms is to gauge the performance of the elected representatives on the floor of the House. One can see the performance of the parliamentarian by visiting their profiles, which provide details of the business carried out on the floor of the House.

Another feature of Parliament Watch is the development of organization’s e-paper Parliament Files, which can be visited at “”. The e-paper carries latest news of the Parliament and any of the four provincial assemblies in session. It provides deep insight into the issues being discussed on the floor of the House, facilitating the citizens to know about the debates going on inside their respective Houses.

The Parliament Watch and Reforms Project are being funded by the European Commission but the content of the website and portal is the sole responsibility of TDEA-FAFEN.