ILMPOSSIBLE Take a Child to School (TACS)

Beginning Date   Ending Date
 March 20, 2018 March 31, 2019

The British Council is managing the ILMPOSSIBLE Take a Child to School (TACS) project with the support of consortium partners by aiming to scale up the retention and monitoring of the original 189,000 enrolled children in phase-I, plus the enrollment monitoring of an additional 200,000 out of school children (aged 5 to 11 years) across 70 districts in Pakistan by December 2019, with a ratio of 40% girls and 60% boys. It will engage the community stakeholders through 20,000 youth volunteers/ilmbassadors and 500 mohalla committees (old plus 250 new) and an increment of 400 schools for its DOSTI (Life Skills & Supports Engagement) programme. The project will accomplish these results using an approach that engages all education stakeholders to ensure children are enrolled, stay in school and learn while remaining in school.