Deepening Democracy and Election Support in Pakistan – DESP


Beginning Date   Ending Date
July 1, 2016 March 31, 2017


TDEA-FAFEN is implementing a 9-month project titled Deepening Democracy and Election Support in Pakistan (DESP) through its 32 member organizations from July 2016 to March 2017 to continue supporting time-sensitive actions to contribute to strengthening of electoral and parliamentary processes ahead of General Election (GE) 2018.

The project focuses on continued oversight of electoral and parliamentary processes and evidence-based advocacy for improved enforcement of existing statutes as well as legal and policy reforms through proactive engagement with political parties, parliamentarians, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), civil society and media. In addition, it seeks to encourage public debate, dialogue and discourse to strengthen a pro-democracy narrative in the country.

These actions focus on areas as important as improvement in the electoral rolls, under-registration of voters particularly women, minority and persons with disabilities, conflict mapping of electoral constituencies in an effort to design appropriate peace-building interventions ahead of General Election 2018, electoral literacy of citizens and key stakeholders, oversight of Parliament and provincial assemblies, and multi-stakeholder engagements to promote a pro-democracy narrative.