The TDEA Management prides itself on being a people’s organization that continuously strives to strengthen its role as an employer. From a team of no more than seven employees in 2008, TDEA has transformed into a thriving concern with an employee base of more than a hundred employees in just three years, and it looks forward to a matching growth in the upcoming years.

Principles of Appointment

TDEA is built on the principles of inclusion, neutrality and transparency and ensures these values through a transparent and objective recruitment process. TDEA observes the following principles for appointment into its core team:

The staff is selected without discrimination on the basis of race, sex, cast, creed, or religion. However, preference is given to female candidates as an affirmative action in consideration of the lack of opportunities for females in the society.  

Selection is made on competitive basis.
Present or previous TDEA-FAFEN staff and persons with disabilities are given special consideration.

Job Openings

jobs are advertised whenever there is a vacancy.