Eligibility Rules

Eligible Applicants

Legally registered Pakistani non-governmental organizations (NGOs), women’s organizations, community-based organizations (CBOs), non-government academic research and training institutions, professional and business associations, trade unions, media entities, civic advocacy organizations and civil society networks (if they are legally registered) are eligible to apply. Private sector (for-profit) entities are welcome to apply for grants, but fees (profit) will not be paid under any AFGP grant. Organizations that have not previously received funding from donors or implemented donor-funded projects are welcome to apply for an AFGP grant.


Ineligible Applicants

Government of Pakistan (GOP) institutions and quasi-public/parastatal entities will not be considered for direct awards. However, NGOs may apply in partnership with government entities. Individuals are ineligible for AFGP grants, as are political parties, public international organizations, faith-based organizations whose objectives are discriminatory and/or serve religious purposes, and informal alliances without legal status.


In addition, to be eligible for an AFGP grant, organizations must not be:

  • directly affiliated with USAID or Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA) or any of their directors, trustees, officers or employees;
  • on any of the various prohibitive or restrictive lists of the GOP, USG and/or the United Nations;
  • an organization that has had any previous award terminated by TDEA or USAID on performance grounds under any project; or
  • an organization (or its key personnel) convicted at any time by a court of competent jurisdiction for a crime punishable by a fine of more than PKR 50,000 or imprisonment or both.


During the year 2018, in which General Elections are expected in Pakistan, no organization will be eligible for an AFGP grant if the organization is led or managed by any individual who is contesting elections or is an office-bearer of any political party or if an immediate family member of any such individual (mother, father, spouse or child) is contesting or is a party office-bearer. Grant applicants will be required to certify that they are not ineligible on these grounds, and the AFGP reserves the right to cancel a grant if a violation is subsequently revealed.


Ineligible Activities and Commodities (regarding eligible commodities, please see USAID ADS 312 here)

  • Special restrictions apply to USAID-financed purchases of agricultural commodities, motor vehicles, pharmaceuticals, contraceptive products and services, used equipment, fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Construction activities will not be eligible for funding under the AFGP. “Construction” refers to construction, alteration, or repair (including dredging and excavation) of buildings, structures, or other real property and includes, without limitation, improvements, renovation, alteration and refurbishment. The term includes, without limitation, roads, power plants, buildings, bridges, water treatment facilities, and vertical structures.
  • Agricultural production activities are not envisaged, but projects may include small cottage agro-processing activities.
  • Military equipment, surveillance equipment, commodities and services for support of police and other law enforcement activities, abortion equipment and services, luxury goods, gambling equipment and weather modification equipment are not allowed under these grants.
  • Other Ineligible Activities
    • Partisan activities or ones that encourage or support sectarian, linguistic, religious, gender, ethnic, racial or other divisions
    • International travel
    • Activities that violate any national law